Brother Martin Steps Up To Become Interim Head of School

Tyler Santangelo , Reporter

Central Private’s own Brother Martin, teacher of Honors Civics, Speech, and World Geography, is stepping up to become interim Head of School.  After being recommended by numerous students and teachers alike, Brother Martin was approached and offered the position. At first, he was hesitant to take the job, as teaching was his focus and passion. But then Brother realized that if he took on this role, he could make changes for the benefit of the students. He is using this opportunity to focus on the happiness of the students, as they are valuable to God and, therefore, should be valuable to faculty as well. He also hopes to reinforce our Christian values that the school was founded upon. Brother Martin said in his interview that “Students are treasure. We as faculty should be willing to listen, and make sure they understand they are cared for.”

Brother Martin has taught at Central Private for three years. He began his career as a pastor in 1991 after graduating from the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) with Bachelor’s degrees in social studies and English education and a Master’s degree in history. In his years as a missionary and pastor, he has had the opportunity to visit all 50 states, along with every continent except Antarctica. Some of Brother Martin’s favorite moments include walking where Jesus walked in Israel, viewing the Parthenon and Colosseum in Europe, seeing koalas and kangaroos in Australia, visiting remote Nigerian villages in Africa, and seeing a plethora of different South American cultures. His favorite American travels include road trips across the USA with his family by way of RV. His son Alec has seen all 50 states, along with him. Alec graduated from CP several years ago and his other two children,  Noah and Myla, still attend.  His children and his love for the staff were significant factors in his decision to begin teaching here three years ago.

Brother Martin first learned of his passion for history in junior high. He had a teacher who was able to really bring history to life rather than just listing dates and names. This style has a substantial influence on him as a teacher. He strives to make everything personal and pertinent. His time spent as a missionary also plays a key role in his teaching style. It has given him a broader view of how the world works and has made him more understanding of people.