Thanksgiving Trivia

Red Kettle Staff


~The first Thanksgiving lasted for 3 days.

~Male turkeys gobble; females cackle.

~The tryptophan in turkey is not responsible for making you feel sleepy – it’s the high calories and drinking alcohol.

~There were no ovens at the first Thanksgiving, so there were no pies!

~The main dish at the first Thanksgiving was lobster!

~91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

~Native Americans used cranberries to dye fabric and decorate pottery.  They did not eat them.

~There were no balloons at the first Macy’s Day parades that debuted in 1924.  The character balloons debuted in 1927 and were inspiredby a float decorated with balloons. However, live animals from the Central Park Zoo were in the first Macy’s Day Parade.

~You could consume more than 200 grams of fat during a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

~A slice of pecan pie has about 500 calories!

~You can tell if a cranberry is ripe by throwing it on the floor.  If it bounces, it’s ripe;  if it doesn’t, it’s old or damaged.

~In 1953, Swanson had over 200 tons of leftover turkey.  Thus, the tv dinner was born!

~According to the book, Guinness World Records, the heaviest turkey weighed in at 86 pounds!

~Be safe. Two hours is the maximum time food should be left at room temperature.

~Have questions about cooking your turkey?  Call 1-800-BUTTERBALL!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!