Students Explore the Medical Field

Allison Davis

On Monday, November 18th, Central Private juniors and seniors interested in the medical field took a trip to Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, or FranU, as it is most commonly called. Students were led on a tour through SETH, which is the university’s simulation hospital. The “hospital” features lifelike mannequins that blink, breathe, and even talk, just like a real patient. These mannequins are used in a variety of simulations, such as pediatric care, neonatal care, ICU preparation, and even childbirth. One of the baby mannequins even had a pulse. Junior Raegan Palmer and senior Kadi Alford helped deliver a baby; senior Allison Davis listened to a young boy’s lungs; and senior Michael Friedman and junior Larkyn Jones resuscitated a man using CPR and a defibrillator. Students were also treated to an anatomy lesson, led by Dr. Bert Swafford, who used the Anatomage table to “dissect” the human body and show the students muscles, bones, and the central nervous system. After class, the students took a tour of the campus, where they visited the Physical Therapy School, Lab Tech School, and the School of Nursing. Overall, students enjoyed the field trip, and were very impressed by the technology the college uses to prepare its students to join the workforce.