CP Girls Trade in Skirts for Football Pads

Amber Crowe, Reporter

On Wednesday, November 20th, the Central Private Student Council sponsored their 1st annual Powder Puff Game. The game was held during sixth and seventh hour so students could sit in the bleachers and enjoy the game.
It was a tight game, with the blue and the pink team going head to head. The blue team scored their first touchdown very early in the game, but the pink team closed the gap soon after. A pattern formed; the blue team would score, then the pink team would score. Central Private boys even donned skirts and pom-poms as cheerleaders rooting for both sides. They learned cheers and stunts with the help of the Varsity cheerleaders. The boys got the crowd pumped up and cheering for the teams. In the end, the blue team pulled ahead and won the game by a score of 24-18. Everyone had a great time!