Welcome Back Students!

Chandler Adams

Coming back from the Christmas break, we had our usual Monday Morning Mana on Wednesday, the first day back. Our Head of School, Brother Martin, announced some changes that go into effect this semester. First, Mrs. Wilkinson, one of the highschool and 8th grade math teachers, has been given the Dean of Students position. Along with her duties as Dean of Students she will continue teaching her regular math classes. 


Second, a new cell phone policy for high school and middle school students was implemented.  Students are only allowed to use their phones before school, at morning break, and at lunch. At all other times students have designated places to store their phones in each class. The only exception to this rule is if a teacher wants students to use their phones for educational purposes. 

Third, there is a new incentive for students to stay off of their phones. Last school year the high school field day was  a half day.  To earn a full day field day, Mrs. Wilkinson has set up a point system on an app called Pocket Points. Students must download the app and create a profile, then they must enter a code to join the school group. The app tracks when you are on your phone while at school. When students are not on their phones it adds up the minutes. Every student must gain 50 hours of no cell phones at school to achieve the goal. In total, 35,000 hours must be gained as a school so students may have an all day field day.