Since We Last Saw You

Larkyn Jones and Kayla Reid

COVID-19 has impacted our Central Private (CP) family tremendously. When the virus hit and on-campus school was canceled, the prom committee was in the planning process. Leaving school on March 13th, we were uncertain as to when we would return.  As it turned out, we didn’t return for the rest of the school year. The  class of 2020 was particularly uneasy about what the rest of their senior year would look like and when and if things would go back to normal. Graduation was pushed back many times due to COVID guidelines. Luckily, our board, faculty, and staff came through (as usual) and our seniors had a beautiful graduation on May 25th on the CP football field.


Sadly, while we were away, Mr. Hayman, our middle school history teacher’s mother passed away. During this difficult time, we are sending prayers to his family. Despite all the challenges that have occurred during the pandemic, our baseball and basketball coaches, Coach Stevens and Coach Deschamp, became new dads. Oakland Stevens was born on August 17th and Dylan Deschamp was born on May 5th.