Our Fantastic New Staff Members


Name: Mr. Garret Deschamp

Classes: 6th grade English and Reading

  7th grade Reading

  Head coach-varsity basketball 

  assistant coach-baseball

Before CP: St. Bernard C.F. Rowly

Education: BA in business from Tulane University

Married, 1 daughter –  a new beautiful baby girl, Dylan, born May 5, 2020

Fun fact: He teaches 7th grade and Mrs. Kinchen taught him in 7th grade.  Played college baseball at Tulane University

Name:  Mr. Todd Pastorick

Classes: Chemistry, Biology 1, Biology 1 Honors and

Anatomy & Physiology 

Before CP: Graduate school teacher at Mississippi College

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Biology from LSU and a minor in Communications

        Master’s degree in Medical Science

Family: Single, he lives with his 2 furry friends – Manny, the  cat and Harvey, the dog

Fun fact: Knows sign language


Name: Mrs. Ellen Starkey

Title: Counselor

Before CP: ACT Prep Teacher; Choir teacher for 20 years

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Henderson State University

       Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from American College of Education

       EDSP from the University of Missouri

Family: Married 29 years; 3 children: Aubrey, Abigail, Alex

Fun fact: She sang for the President of Taiwan


Name: Mrs. Susan Willis

Classes: 3rd Grade ELA

Before CP: Central Intermediate; 35 years of teaching

Education: Bachelor of Elementary Education from LSU

        Certification in Mentor and Assessment

Family: Married, 2 children: Thomas (25) and Raegan (21)

Fun fact: She retired after teaching for 34 years but could not stay away from the classroom.