Homecoming 2020: The Red Carpet

Sarah Israel, Reporter



Happy Homecoming Redhawks! We were excited to be able to have a homecoming and homecoming dance. We showed our homecoming spirit during theme-week. Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Surfers vs Bikers, Wednesday was Disney Day, Thursday was Throwback Day, and Friday was Spirit Day. There was overwhelming participation, with teachers also getting involved. 

We had a fantastic homecoming presentation despite the wet weather. The girls  were beautiful and the rain held off until after we recognized the court and crowned our 2020 queen. We were excited to see several past queens and Central Private alumni at the game. 

Freshmen maids were Katelyn Easley and Anna Claire Gremillion; Sophomore maids were Cloey Brown and Melody Pennington; Junior maids were Landry McEachern and Makenna Gregoire. This year there was a tie for Senior maids. The four maids were Lauren Dale, Kayla Reid, Carleigh Shaffer, and Sadie Fontenot.

Congratulations to our homecoming court and to Carleigh Shaffer who was crowned homecoming queen.  

On Saturday, October 24, the Homecoming Dance was held at Fennwood Country Club in Zachary. The Homecoming court was presented and escorted to the floor. The escorts and the girls had the first dance then everyone joined in and had a great time. Music was provided by DJ Tomcat. Toward the end of the night, Brother Martin arrived and was greeted with applause and cheers. Everyone had a good time and we were blessed to have these festivities while staying safe during this pandemic.