Graves into Gardens

Lauren Dale, Reporter

Last week as my sister, Anna, and I were riding to school, I tuned into the radio station KLove to listen to music. I always love jamming out with Anna on our way to school. The lyrics to the song that was playing caught my attention. The song was  “Graves into Gardens” by Elevation Worship. 

Recently in our community, a high school football player, Remy Hidalgo, passed away due to a heat stroke. Although many people did not know Hidalgo or his family closely, our community was grieving. Many prayers and condolences were sent to the Hidalgo family, but his unexpected passing was still a tough pill to swallow.

At one point in the song, Elevation Worship sings the words, “you turn mourning to dancing”. That quote is true because if Remy knew the Lord, he is dancing in Heaven right now. All of the earthly mourning of his death was turned into an eternity of Heavenly dancing. “You turn graves into gardens” is another powerful lyric. Remy’s grave will be turned into a garden, just the way Remy is now in the gardens of Heaven. The song does a great job demonstrating how life on Earth will bring heartache and trouble, but the power of Jesus shines light on all things of this world. At the end, the song continues to repeat these lyrics, “You’re the only one who can.” To me, this was a very powerful message. Jesus is the only person or thing that can satisfy and make light out of darkness. No amount of sweet treats from the community, hugs, or therapy can provide the type of peace and comfort that Jesus can. He is the only one who can. Turning to the Lord and finding peace in him and his plan during tragic times like these will help you persevere through anything life throws your way.