Stop Motion Film Festival


Ms. McCant’s film class studied stop motion animation this semester and created their own original stop motion films.  Stop motion animation is where the camera is repeatedly stopped and started to give animated figures the impression of movement.

After viewing the films, awards were presented.  They winners were:

Wyatt Campbell, Justin Daigle, Kyle Pitre, and Billy Genovese for Most Creative for “Weanie”;

Alexia Garner, Sadie Smith, Keegan Dipuma, Hank Robinson and Carson Cupit won for Best Storyline and Best

Animation for “Lost Treasure”;

Ben Kolb, Rory Seguin, Sidney Lainey, and Adam Steudlein won Best Visual Effects for “Galaxy Battles”;

Alex Browning, Myla Martin, Skylar David, and Maddie Matherne won Best Producers/Directors and Best Film for “The Little Rock That Could”.

A lot of work went into the films and they brought a lot of laughter and smiles to everyone. It was a fun project, and talk of sequels was mentioned!