Technology Upgrade

Chandler Adams and Morgan Campbell

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Technology and the internet are essential in today’s school systems. About 68% of all teenagers use the internet at school. The library in our high school has computers that allow students in middle and high school to access the internet for all aspects of school work.   Central Private’s computers have been amazing but have become outdated through the years due to technological improvements.  They have also started to become slow and stubborn.

If you were to go into the library today, there is an array of new computers lining the tables. These computers will allow students to access their Google Suites account, which will enable teachers and students to collaborate. The new work stations have additional features that were not available to teachers or students in the past. The monitors have a built-in stand with a tower mount behind it, allowing students to take advantage of more desk space. The tower also allows the monitor to slide up and down so the user can view the screen from a different perspectives to accommodate all students.  They also  move side-to-side if, for instance, students are working on a group project or with partners and need to view their neighbors’ screens.

“The computers that we had were outdated and unable to keep up with the students’ needs,” said the high school librarian, Mrs. Martin.

A few of the students who have had an opportunity to use them have made comments such as, “They are awesome, and when I got on them, the internet came up in five seconds!” and “They look really cool!”

A special thanks to the 2019 Parents Club that funded the computers, and to Mr. Warren Holland for running all the electrical work and installing the power strips.