What is a Red Kettle?


Morgan Campbell, Reporter/Editor

We are excited to welcome everyone back to “The Red Kettle,” Central Private’s (CP)school newspaper!  Our new students and faculty might be wondering why we named it “The Red Kettle.” Well, here’s why. 

As everyone knows, CP’s mascot and  brand is the Redhawk and  we wanted to tie our newspaper name to our brand. So, we did what everyone does. We googled it, and we learned a lot about hawks!  A lot. But one thing stuck out. Did you know that a group of quail is a covey and a group of lions is a pride? Well, a group of hawks is a kettle! Thus, the “Red Kettle” was born. 

Our goal is to produce a quality product that will serve as a platform for students, teachers, families, alumni, and friends to connect and keep in touch with what is going on at CP. Communication is one of the keys to success, and we want our new newspaper to be part of the success of our school.


Go Redhawks!!